While some birth injuries are unavoidable, others are caused by inadequate medical care or an error on part of the doctor, nurse or obstetrician. Failing to monitor vital signs, delaying a necessary C-section or improperly using forceps are among the medical mistakes that can lead to cerebral palsy or other forms of birth injuries in Virginia. When a negligent error on part of the medical staff leads to a birth injury, the family may be able to take legal action with help from a Virginia birth injury attorney to recover compensation for medical bills and other losses.

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Virginia birth injuries, when caused by medical errors, occur when the doctor or other medical team member acts or fails to act as another trained medical professional would have acted in a similar situation. For instance, doctors are required to monitor the child for signs of fetal distress, and take appropriate actions if the child is experiencing difficulty so as to reduce the risk of brain damage or other injuries. Should the doctor fail to recognize and respond to fetal distress, he or she may be found negligent under Virginia birth injury law, making them liable for any resulting losses.

Failing to respond to fetal distress is one of the causes of cerebral palsy and other birth injuries. Other medical errors which can lead to a birth injury in Virginia include the following:

  • Failing to order a timely C-section

  • Misuse of Pitocin

  • Misreading electronic fetal monitoring strips

  • Improperly using forceps or vacuum extractors

Parents raising children with cerebral palsy and other birth injuries may be unsure as to the exact cause of their child’s condition. At our Virginia birth injury law firm, our attorneys will launch an investigation to examine medical records to determine whether the responsibly for the birth injury rests with the doctor, nurse, midwife or hospital as a whole. Every birth injury in Virginia is unique, and the focus of each lawsuit will be different. However, in each lawsuit handled by our Virginia birth injury attorneys, we will seek to maximize our client’s recovery to ensure the family receives the support they need to raise and care for their child.


The effect of delivering a child with cerebral palsy or another birth injury is not merely emotional; it can also create a financial burden for the parents. In fact, it is estimated that raising a child with cerebral palsy will cost approximately $900,000 over the course of a lifetime. Having handled many cases involving catastrophic injuries, our Virginia birth injury lawyers understand the financial effects of cerebral palsy and other brain injuries and will work with both economic and medical professionals to help ensure you receive compensation proportional to your current and future needs. To learn more about how our Virginia birth injury lawyers may be able to assist with your case, complete our free case evaluation form today.