Under Virginia medical malpractice law, injured patients may have a claim to seek compensation if they were physically harmed by the negligence of a doctor, nurse or other medical professional or facility. A medical error or poor outcome does not necessarily mean that the injured patient has a valid medical malpractice claim. However, when a doctor or other medical professional acts unreasonably, or beneath the level of care expected in the medical community, the victim may have legal recourse to seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other damages.

Often times, especially when recovering from a possible medical malpractice injury, it is difficult for the patient to determine whether they were harmed by an unfortunate medical mistake or act of negligence. To help alleviate this confusion, our Newport News medical malpractice attorneys are offering a free, no obligation case review to help these individuals determine whether they have legal recourse to seek compensation for monetary damages. To receive your no cost case evaluation today, simply complete the form on the right.


Under Virginia medical malpractice law, healthcare providers are required to act in compliance with a certain standard of care, and failure to do so may make them liable for any resulting injuries. The standard of care applies not only to doctors, but to a wide range of health care providers which can also include dentists, pharmacists, physical therapists, nurses, optometrists and hospitals. In determining whether a healthcare provider has breached the standard of care, courts typically will compare their actions, or lack thereof, to that of a reasonable medical professional in a similar situation.


Because many healthcare providers are held to the “standard of care,” our attorneys handle a wide range of medical malpractice cases, including those involving:

  • Birth injuries

  • OB/GYN malpractice

  • Surgical errors (tools left behind, wrong site surgery, etc.)

  • ER malpractice

  • Failure to diagnose

  • Misdiagnosis

  • Delayed diagnosis

  • Dental malpractice

  • Nursing home abuse

  • Anesthesia errors


In these and other types of Virginia medical malpractice cases, our Newport News attorneys will not only have to prove that the healthcare professional provided substandard care, but also that this breach directly led to the patient’s injuries causing them to suffer damages as a result. Among the recoverable damages in a Virginia medical malpractice include the following: past and future medical expenses; lost wages; loss of earning capacity; and pain and suffering.


For decades, the Virginia medical malpractice lawyers at our law firm have been helping injured patients in Newport News, Hampton and the surrounding areas seek full and fair payment for their injuries. Our experienced medical negligence lawyers have successfully tried and settled a countless number of cases stemming from medical errors, wrongful death and injuries from defective medical products. Their success in handling medical malpractice and other types of accident cases have garnered the firm a number of high and exclusive honors by Super Lawyers and The Best Lawyers in America, among others.


Part of the success of our Virginia medical malpractice law firm lies in our commitment to providing high quality legal representation to patients who were injured by another’s negligence. By accepting only a small number of medical malpractice claims, our Newport News medical negligence attorneys hire top medical and economic experts, utilize state-of-the-art research technology and prepare cases with a tireless and exhaustive effort. Our medical malpractice team not only includes medical and economic specialists, but also a skilled team of certified paralegals and experienced legal assistants to ensure each step of the legal process runs smoothly. As a whole, our Virginia medical malpractice law firm, and each lawyer in our practice, will aggressively pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.


If you or a loved one has been injured by a doctor or other health care provider, find out if our Newport News medical malpractice lawyers can assist with your case and seek monetary damages, including medical expenses and lost wages, on your behalf. Simply complete our free, no obligation case review form today.