When a truck accident in Virginia is caused by negligence on part of the driver or their employer, those injured as a result may have legal recourse. Through a truck accident lawsuit, the injured party will seek compensation for any resulting losses, such as medical bills or lost wages, from the parties responsible for the accident. Truck accident lawsuits generally present a unique set of issues, which may include complications with the trucking company, insurance company or legal representation for the defendant. Therefore, drivers and passengers who have been injured in a Virginia trucking accident should seek legal assistance from an attorney well-versed in this area of law.

The Newport News truck accident attorneys at our firm have a successful track record handling catastrophic injury cases, and have a thorough understanding of the complexities of truck accident law. If you or a loved one has been injured in a tractor trailer crash, contact our Virginia truck accident lawyers today for a free, no obligation review of your claim.


Virginia trucking companies are required to follow federal and state regulations regarding truck maintenance, weight loads and maximum drivable hours, among other issues. Should a company breach these regulations, and a truck accident result, they may be liable for any injuries sustained in the crash. There are several different reasons, including negligence on part of the truck driver or their employer, why a Virginia truck accident may occur. Common examples of tractor trailer accident causes include:

  • Truck driver fatigue

  • Failure to install blind spot mirrors

  • Unsecured loads

  • Overloading of a tractor trailer

  • Inadequate driving training

  • Defective equipment

  • Enforcement of unrealistic time schedules

  • Improper maintenance or inspection

If you or a loved one has been injured in a tractor trailer crash, our Virginia truck accident lawyers will launch an investigation into the cause of your vehicle collision, while explaining how to best protect your legal rights during this time period. Often, after a truck accident in Virginia, the trucking company and their insurer will begin an investigation immediately and attempt to minimize the recovery of the injured parties. Within the first week of the tractor trailer accident, the insurance company will record statements from the involved persons, take photographs of the scene, recover the police report and attempt to determine the extent of injuries suffered by those involved in the crash. In many instances, the insurance company will offer a quick, low-ball settlement to the injured parties to avoid liability for any future damages, such as medical expenses, lost wages and rehabilitation costs. However, the extent of Virginia truck accident injuries, as well as their financial ramifications, may not be fully recognized until weeks or months after the accident.


If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident with a tractor trailer, contact our Newport News trucking accident attorneys before accepting a settlement offer. We can assess the details of your case and consult with medical and economic professionals to determine the amount of compensation you may be able to recover should you elect to participate in a trucking accident lawsuit. Our Virginia tractor trailer accident attorneys are offering a free case evaluation to all potential clients, so do not hesitate to contact us today using our online consultation form.