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Employment & Labor

Our Approach

Our Employment Law Practice Group approaches this critical and constantly evolving area of law with broad experience and balanced perspective. We have represented businesses of all types and sizes in nearly every kind of workplace dispute. In addition, in significant cases, we have represented individual plaintiffs and groups of plaintiffs in wrongful discharge, employment contract disputes, and harassment and discrimination cases.

Business Clients

For our business clients, we recognize that building and administering an effective workforce is fraught with challenge. The firm believes strongly that proactive implementation of well-crafted personnel policies and effective training is vital to achieving a productive work environment and reducing the risk of employee lawsuits. We have extensive experience drafting employee handbooks, drug-free workplace programs and the myriad policies required by the constantly evolving field of employment law. In addition, we have extensive experience crafting employment agreements, non-solicitation and non-competition agreements and provisions to protect confidential and proprietary information.

Our Experience in Employment & Labor Litigation 

Finally, and most importantly, our experience and expertise derives from litigating employment law issues and seeing, first hand, how judges and juries react to employers who have not been proactive in their compliance efforts. We have a depth of experience representing businesses and individuals on the many kinds of employment law disputes. This gives us a perspective that is truly unique. Whether you have found yourself in a lawsuit, contemplating one, or you simply want to ensure that your business has done everything it can to reduce the risk of becoming embroiled in employment litigation, our Employment Law Practice Group has scaled the complex "learning curve" associated with employment law issues and can quickly and effectively address your needs.

If you need assistance, please contact James H. Shoemaker, Jr., Esq. at (757) 223-4580 or (757) 223-4500.

Employment & Labor Attorney

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