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PWHD believes that everyone is entitled to prompt, courteous, accurate and ethical legal advice on fair terms. We want to partner with our clients to obtain the very best results possible for the client, depending on the client’s needs and desires. This requires direct, open and honest communication and cooperation between our attorneys, staff members and clients. We endeavor to communicate with our clients on a timely basis, return their phone calls and inquiries promptly, and keep them fully involved in the conduct of their cases.

PWHD has a solid appreciation for the civil justice system and right of jury trial.  We believe that all people should have the right to request a trial by a jury of their peers, and that they should be able to have their day in court. If your case is one that should be tried, we will represent you zealously and to the best of our ability. If we believe that an option other than trial may be better for your case, we will candidly and respectfully discuss that option with you.

Finally, PWHD believes that we have an obligation to support our community and neighbors through various volunteer and not-for-profit enterprises. As a firm, we are constantly learning, growing and seeking ways to improve our services to our clients and community. Through these activities we hope to help at risk children and other vulnerable members of our community to grow and thrive.

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